We grow SaaS & B2B tech companies with cold outreach

Fill your calendar with 30+ Calls/Month using power of LinkedIn, Email and Automation.

What we do

Generating leads is hard. We know that. We’ve been there with our own startup – Skylead, which we bootstrapped to $65k MRR in under 8 months using only LinkedIn and cold email outreach. The power of a personal approach is essential in growing a B2B company. Add the magic of automation, and you get a sustainable gold mine of hot leads landing straight in your calendar.

Identify prospects

We research the market to identify your customers. By doing so, we get a clear idea about your ideal prospects.

Create a strategy

Locate them on Sales Navigator and/or in other databases. Then we come up with the best copy to approach them

Reach out

Next, we start with data-driven outreach campaigns.
 Expect 80+ contacted prospects daily – quality at scale.

Book meetings

After initial replies, we take over conversation to fulfill one goal – make them book a meeting with you.

Close sales

Detailed reports and leads lists will be available to you weekly. If you need it, we can also train our team to do demos of your product and close the sales for you


What we know about growth

We are Jovan and Nikola, serial entrepreneurs who started walking in the tech world together years ago.
Since then, we have built several B2B startups. Our last one – Skylead, we founded and bootstrapped from $0 to $65K MRR in a little less than a year before we had a hefty exit together.
We accomplished this through organic cold outreach only. Having achieved the full benefits of financial independence, we decided to keep doing what we know best – growing companies in industries we know well.

$65K MRR

$65K MRR


December 2019

August 2020

Our area of expertise

Scaling SaaS companies

Running a startup is extremely difficult and stressful. 
We know how hard is it to wake up and think about keeping your users happy while focusing on getting new clients every single day.

We have been trough all that and we have perfected the art of generating qualified leads for SaaS businesses. 

From prospecting and finding ideal customers to reaching out to them at scale we do everything to make that MRR grow sustainably. 

AI & Automation

New technologies can be scary or confusing to some people so it takes more effort to introduce new things to the general public.
Even though these technologies are accepted well into the B2B community they still come with many unknowns.

Unfortunately, it can make the process of acquiring new clients especially hard.  Another issue is that decision-makers for these types of deals are somewhat hard to reach.

Having helped a large number of companies dealing with IoT, Robotics, and AI, we have identified various successful approaches and techniques on how to land that call with a warm prospect.


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